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Investigation and planning of water supply, source, treatment and distribution

Investigation and planning of wastewater, transport, treatment and disposal

Asset Management Plans

Infrastructure Plans

Best Practice Management

Strategic Business Plans

Financial plans for water/wastewater and general fund

Developer Charges: Development Servicing Plans

Integrated Water Cycle Management (IWCM) Strategies

Demand Management Plans

Drought Management Plans

Best-Practice Auditing


Performance assessment of water and wastewater treatment plants

Compliance assessment recycled water use

Operation and management review

Audits of water and wastewater facilities

Monitoring and audits of recycled water use including soil testing


Environmental / Social

Water Recycling: Investigation and planning including soil and site suitability assessment

Recycled Water Management Plans

Community and stakeholder consultation

Triple bottom line assessment


Wastewater Treatment and Reuse

Water Treatment: Drinking and Recycled Water

Drinking Water Management Plans

Pumping Stations

Pipelines and Channels



Recycled Water Facilities

Sewer Mining

Network Analysis

Jo Soil Sampling


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